Specialist in Acupressure Thai massage

My name is Zayki Chang. I am a Massage Therapist and practicing for 12 years in Spain.

After many years working on methods and processes of Control in computer systems, I moved to Mallorca in 2008, where I connected with my childhood and with my first great Master: My father, who from the age of 6 taught me the culture and essence of massage.

However, it was in 2010, when I decided to study quiromassage and Thai acupressure massage techniques in Bangkok, specializing in muscular, skeletal and structural problems of the body.

I use different alternative therapies : Acupuncture from Master Tung and received training in Ayurveda, Craneosacral Massage and Holistic Energetic Massage.

I use my systematic and logical vision to search the origin of structural disorders, using the Bioneuroemotion system, through the induction of body and emotional awareness.

Currently, I continue to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and firmly believe in its power as an alternative means of healing combined with Western medicine.

It is the power of energetic movement in our body that allows us to be healthy. This is the fundamental essence of my work.

Zayki Chang